Know Your Customer Compliance is more challenging than ever. Regulations such as the Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) and FinCEN’s CDD Final Rule are placing more stringent requirements on global banks, while the associated data choices – from external content, open source research and customer data – seem endless. Despite continued investments in headcount and technology, onboarding clients takes more time today, not less. Ready for a change? Significantly reduce the time and costs of compliance with Clarity KYC.

The Path to Fast, Effective KYC is Clear

Streamline your processes with purpose-built case management.
Conduct onboarding, remediation and ongoing monitoring with highly-scalable automated workflows.

Meet the needs of all your banking risk users.
KYC/AML investigators to chief risk officers, benefit from configurable risk classifications in a quick, easy-to-learn user interface.

Simultaneously search the largest source of premium databases and open source content.
Get real-time risk insights on entities and beneficial owners. Reduce false positives with powerful name-matching algorithms, configurable search tools and AI-powered data sources..


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