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  • Maintain Your Third Party, Customer, and Reference Databases

    Master Your Data

    Timely & accurate entity data is critical to understanding risk.

    Opus helps you manage and maintain your third party, customer, and reference databases by cleansing, matching, and enriching your data – ensuring you have the highest quality information to make accurate and timely decisions.

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  • Know Your Customer Icon | KYC Compliance with Opus

    Know Your Customer

    Achieve KYC regulatory compliance quickly and cost-effectively.

    Regulators expect financial institutions to have the controls to prevent fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. The Alacra product line streamlines, automates and simplifies KYC at all stages in the client lifecycle.

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  • Know Your Third Parties with Hiperos 3PM

    Know Your Third Parties

    Manage third party risk efficiently and effectively throughout the relationship.

    Hiperos, an Opus product line, provides solutions that enable companies to assess and monitor the risks of all their third parties and automatically apply the appropriate controls to mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Opus products facilitate and enhance third party and customer due diligence, data management and ongoing risk monitoring. With no hardware, software or IT infrastructure to set-up and maintain, Opus SaaS-based solutions enable lower total cost of ownership and swift deployment for accelerated time to value.

Screen View of Opus' Alacra Reference Data Solution

Data Solutions

Accurately knowing the identity and characteristics of third parties, customers and counterparties is critical to understanding business risk, meeting regulatory requirements and tapping into market growth opportunities.

Concordance Service

Opus will raise the quality of your legal entity records. Whether they are clients or third parties, suppliers or business partners, we will cleanse, de-duplicate, cross-reference and enrich your universe of legal entities.

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The Resolve API provides the quickest, easiest and most complete access to all major identifiers and data for customers, counterparties and third parties.

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Reference Data

Opus Reference Data brings together multiple data sources to create a unique, fully matched cross-reference of legal entity content that yields a better understanding of the third parties, customers and counterparties with whom you conduct business.

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Data Enrichment

The single, most comprehensive source of global customer, counterparty and third party data available. Opus has completely matched and cross-mapped entity records from multiple major data vendors such as Bloomberg, Markit, SIX Telekurs, Teledata, Thomson Reuters, and the credit rating agencies. Customers can proactively manage entity risk by continually, accurately and effortlessly enriching their entity data.

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Business Research Solutions

Real-time information on any company, issuer, industry, market, economy, or deal, anywhere in the world.

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Alacra Compliance Enterprise Screen

Know Your Customer Compliance

Alacra Compliance Enterprise

Alacra Compliance Enterprise (ACE) is the leading workflow and data solution for Know Your Customer compliance; during customer onboarding and across the life cycle. Designed to help financial institutions meet KYC regulatory requirements around the world, ACE standardizes processes, streamlines and accelerates cases, and integrates compliance risk and screening intelligence to ensure compliance.

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Alacra Compliance Professional

Offers the core features of ACE in a simpler, streamlined package. Easy to deploy, easy to use, Compliance Professional is the fast track to KYC search and surveillance.

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Screen View of Opus' Hiperos 3PM Third-Party Management Solution

Third Party Management

Hiperos 3PM™

Hiperos 3PM™ is the leading third party risk management solution. As third parties continue to play a strategic role in supporting critical functions within a business, effective management of these relationships becomes more critical from revenue, operational, reputational and regulatory risk standpoints.

Hiperos 3PM provides a consolidated view into all your third party relationships. Our unique combination of workflow and integrated data facilitate continuous risk assessment and performance management.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Quickly identify, assess and manage the ongoing bribery and corruption risks posed by third parties. Learn more

Information Security

With breaches appearing in the headlines almost daily and increased regulatory scrutiny, verifying, remediating and monitoring the effectiveness of vendor information security controls has never been more critical. Hiperos brings together a unique combination of workflow, control mapping and data intelligence capabilities to safeguard your business. Learn more

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Hiperos Network™

The Hiperos Network simplifies and standardizes the collection, maintenance and communication of critical third party information. By standardizing risk assessment questions, storing third party information centrally and automating data collection workflows, the Hiperos Network makes managing risk information easier and more cost effective for both sides of the relationship.

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