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Opus was founded on a simple premise: that faster, better decisions in compliance and risk management could give businesses an extraordinary advantage in the marketplace.

Today, the world’s most respected, global corporations rely on Opus to free their business from the complexity and uncertainty of managing customer, supplier, and third-party risks.

By combining the most innovative SaaS platforms with unparalleled data solutions, Opus turns information into action so businesses thrive.

Opus is changing the landscape of risk management.

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    47 Languages

    We strive to break down language barriers.

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    195 Countries

    Our users are truly global. Compliance and Risk Management has no boundaries.

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    2,000,000+ Users

    We bring together a growing number of users to address risk and compliance issues across departments, divisions, organizations, the world.

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One of the fastest growing risk and compliance companies in the world. The most recognized companies in the world as customers. The world's pre-eminent private equity company behind us. And really smart, fun, resourceful people as colleagues... Opus is a great place to work. Learn more

Our Journey


  • Emanuele “Manny” Conti, former CEO of Kroll and former President of D&B, is appointed CEO in September.

  • Opus makes a strategic investment in Othot to accelerate the use of predictive analytics on its third party management and KYC platforms.


  • Opus acquires Alacra in September and adds Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and entity data management capabilities to its leading SaaS-based compliance platform.


  • Opus acquires Hiperos in July to form the foundation for Opus’ strategy to build the preeminent risk and compliance management platform in the world.


  • Opus formed through a $500 million commitment by GTCR and Doug Bergeron to build a powerful, innovative company to address the unique regulatory and compliance challenges faced by global corporations.


  • Hiperos — short for High Performance Outsourcing — was founded to provide an innovative platform to help companies manage relationships with an ever-increasing number of outsourced suppliers.


  • Data Downlink renamed Alacra; with a focus on developing workflow solutions that enable financial institutions to find, organize, analyze and present mission-critical business information.


  • Data Downlink was founded to enable business information to be purchased over the world wide web. By partnering with dozens of publishers, Data Downlink put hundreds of databases at the fingertips of bankers and consultants.