Hiperos User Group (HUG)

The Hiperos User Group (HUG) is an independent community made up of organizations that are currently using Hiperos 3PM.  All Opus customers with a current Hiperos 3PM subscription are eligible to join HUG.

HUG was formed to facilitate best practices, knowledge sharing and collaboration with other Hiperos 3PM customers.  The group was also established to influence the direction of the Hiperos 3PM product line so it continues to meet evolving customer needs.



  • To represent the technical, operational and strategic interests of each member organization regarding the use of the Hiperos 3PM product
  • To identify and promote a shared knowledge bank of tips and techniques regarding operation and support of the Hiperos 3PM product
  • To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of all members in their use of the Hiperos 3PM product line through the sharing of knowledge, approaches, techniques and experiences
  • To act as an “expert group” aimed at providing Opus with emerging requirements within each member’s business areas
  • To serve as a forum to ensure that customer voice is effectively heard by Opus and to foster beneficial connections between customers
  • To foster effective communications and a working relationship with Opus


Participant Benefits

  • The ability to network with, share experiences with, and learn from other customers
  • The ability to work with other customers and Hiperos to chart the future direction of the product
  • The ability to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your implementation, use and support of the Hiperos product
  • The ability to participate in the prioritization of enhancement requests



The User group meets on a regular basis to manage and execute on its objectives.

  • Regular Meetings – Monthly remote access meeting to execute on User Group objectives
  • Annual Meeting – Full day face-to-face meeting to conduct User Group governance and planning activities and execute on User Group objectives

For more information please contact:

Doug Udoff