Cleanse, match, deduplicate, enrich and maintain customer, counterparty and vendor data.

Knowing who you are doing business with is the lifeblood to an organization. Regardless of whether your goal is to identify new business opportunities or comply with regulations, any relationship has the potential to create risk. And managing that risk, and turning it into opportunity, becomes possible only with a clean, current, accurate picture of whom you’re doing business with.

This is especially challenging when data is entered into and housed in multiple fragmented databases, with inaccurate and duplicate records, and data decaying at 25% a year.

Opus Concordance service helps ensure you have a single, accurate view of your customers, counterparties and vendor data. The solution matches, de-duplicates and cross-references your universe of entities and enriches your information with relevant business information from 100+ premium content sources, including Opus Authority File.


Concordance Process


  1. Gain a single view of all your customer, counterparty, and vendor data quickly and cost-effectively
  2. Understand overall risk exposures and identify cross-sell or upsell opportunities
  3. Facilitate regulatory compliance
  4. Accelerate customer, counterparty and vendor onboarding
  5. Satisfy regulatory reporting requirements
  6. Drive credit models

How the Concordance Service Works

You provide us your entity data—which may come from one or more internal databases. Opus will cleanse and de-duplicate this information leveraging its proprietary matching processes. We will then match all of these records to 100+ content partners and their unique numbering systems and enrich the information with actionable intelligence to make sound customer, counterparty and vendor decisions and proactively manage their risk.