Enrich third party and customer data with content from Opus data partners.

Once entities are de-duplicated, cross-referenced and identified, we enable companies to enrich their entity data on an ongoing basis through data feeds from internal systems, our Authority File and the most comprehensive list of premium business data publishers on the market. Our unique combination of data sources provides actionable intelligence to make sound customer, counterparty and third party decisions and proactively manage their risk.

Aggregate Entity Risk Data from a Variety of Sources

Opus data aggregation from many sources including data vendors, regulators, exchanges, rating agencies, news sources and entity identifiers


  1. One source for timely, accurate entity data
  2. Most comprehensive data available, including company:
    • fundamentals
    • financials
    • business news
    • economic data
    • shareholding data
    • investment analysis
    • market research
    • and more…

Selected Data Partners

Opus provides a single point of access to business data from more than 75 premium publishers:
Data Enrichment sources