Keep Track of the Financial Stability of Your Third Parties

Determining the financial stability of third parties is a regulatory requirement for some industries. For others, it’s just a good business practice.

One of the factors frequently overlooked is the importance of consistency in analysis between the financial health ratings of public and private companies. Ranking companies on an equal basis provides your company with a consistent foundation on which to build your risk management program.


How Financial Stability Monitoring Works

Hiperos 3PM Financial Viability customers continually monitor the financial health rating of public and privately held third parties from a data set with 30+ years of data from over 300,000 companies globally across 24 industries.  Public and private companies are rated on the same basis, globally. When the financial health rating reaches a user-defined threshold, customers are automatically notified of the company’s financial deterioration or improvement.


  • Mitigate financial stability risks
  • Accelerate & simplify third party financial assessments
  • Respond quickly to changes in third party financial condition