Track the System Security Ratings of Your Vendors

With ever-changing data environments and an increasing number of data breaches in the news, companies must decide if they can afford to rely solely on partner information security attestations.

Third party system security screening enables companies to screen, benchmark and monitor the system security performance of third party vendors so they can proactively identify common exposures, better prioritize assessments and resolve security issues quickly.


How System Security Monitoring Works

Sensors deployed across the globe look for indicators of compromise, infected machines, improper configuration and poor security hygiene. This data together with direct measurements of network vulnerability are collected and analyzed, creating an overall rating of the third party’s security performance. These objective measures provide visibility into the third party’s security posture over time and can be used to alert Hiperos 3PM Information Security customers to vulnerabilities as well as rating changes and provide actionable information to mitigate risk.


  • Examine third party network vulnerability and threat intelligence automatically
  • Provide third party with actionable data to mitigate InfoSec vulnerabilties
  • Demonstrate practices that follow regulatory guidance
  • Avoid fines and costly investigations
  • Protect reputation