Bring Third Parties Onboard Quickly

Onboarding includes registering new third parties, gathering relevant documents and data and performing due diligence according to company policies & procedures so that approved third parties can be set-up for payments. Leading companies assess third party risk in addition to capabilities and pricing as part of the onboarding process. More information collected at the outset can facilitate greater efficiency throughout the relationship lifecycle and enable compliance requirements to be consistently met.


Hiperos 3PM Onboarding

Hiperos 3PMTM Onboarding enables customers to automate the onboarding process and, together with other Hiperos 3PM risk management programs, dramatically reduce the time necessary to have the third party fully assessed and operationally engaged.


  • Accelerate & simplify onboarding
  • Minimize inconsistencies & manual errors
  • Process more third parties with fewer resources
  • Reduce costs