Reference Data Solutions

Reduce the time and effort to accurately identify customers, counterparties, and third parties.
Third-party and customer data constantly changes. When it is in multiple, discrete silos across the enterprise, entity names are inconsistently entered, record formats are different, the unique identifiers are missing or don’t match and changes are not universally or consistently applied. As a result, third-party and customer data ends up “dirty” – inaccurate, inconsistent and outdated.

Our Reference Data management tool is a unique pre-matched, cross-referenced database of entity records that enables companies to accurately identify clients, counterparties and vendors, incorporates valuable intelligence from multiple sources to meet Know Your Customer/Vendor (KYC/KYV) due diligence requirements and see a clear view of risk.

One Accurate View of an Entity's Data


  1. Reduce data silos
  2. Accelerate onboarding
  3. Facilitate regulatory compliance
  4. Improve regulatory reporting
  5. Make business decisions more efficiently and effectively
  6. Enable risk aggregation
  7. Drive credit models

The Opus Universe

Products & Services


You provide us a file of your universe — which may come from one or more internal data silos. We match, de-duplicate, cross-reference and enrich these entities with data from the premium data publishers to which you are licensed.

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Alacra Authority File

The most comprehensive source of legal entity reference data and cross-referenced identifiers. A daily file of all the rated, regulated and listed entities globally, as well as all entities with common identifiers such as the LEI or GIIN.

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Legal Entity Directory

A daily file containing the complete cross-mapping and de-duping of multiple major data vendors such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, SIX Telekurs, SWIFT, Teledata, Markit and the credit rating agencies.

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Opus cross-references and maps multiple data sources into one clean, de-duped, enriched and consistently formatted file that can feed directly into the data management system or internal database chosen by our customers. Opus is the "Rosetta Stone" for entity identification sources. Twenty years of expertise and proprietary matching technology combine with multiple data sources enabling our customers to: