Quickly identify and retrieve information on the companies you do business with.

With many different identifiers available for a single entity, matching and mapping those identifiers together to eliminate data silos, generate reports or calculate risk exposure can be extraordinarily challenging.

The Resolve search and data integration API makes the most comprehensive source of entity data available to any business application quickly and easily.

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See how Resolve matches and cross-references an entity to hundreds of different data sources.

Bring Together an Entity’s Multiple Identifiers

Opus Resolve brings together internal systems, data vendors, regulators, exchanges, rating agencies, news sources and identifiers


  1. Clarify the identity of the companies you do business with quickly and easily
  2. Match together and synchronize entity information from different data sources
  3. Enrich entity information automatically
  4. Ensure entity data consistency – users select rather than enter the entity name
  5. Ensure accuracy of entity information through our unequaled breadth of data sources