Be Prepared For Disruptions

Normal business functions can be impacted by natural disaster, human error, or other external forces. Should any of these events occur, third parties need to be held accountable for data protection and contingency planning.

The third party contract should set expectations for ongoing operations and include a timeline for full recovery. Key elements of the third party business continuity management program include:

  • A business continuity strategy and objectives
  • Effective business continuity plans
  • Efficient crisis and communication procedures
  • Effective testing, updating and review processes



Hiperos 3PM Business Continuity

Hiperos 3PMTM Business Continuity enables companies to automatically identify which third parties pose business continuity/ data recovery risks, assess their risks, ensure they have controls in place to maintain business continuity, monitor the controls on an ongoing basis and generate auditable reports.


  • Ensure third parties have controls in place to cope with a disaster
  • Protect company from operational, financial and reputational damage
  • Accelerate third party business continuity validation
  • Respond quickly to investigations with an auditable record
  • Demonstrate regulatory and operational compliance