Keep Third Party Employees from Behaving Badly

Regulators, customers and other stakeholders increasingly expect companies to require their third parties to follow the same terms of conduct, values and ethics required of their own employees. Companies are responsible for ensuring third party employees receive relevant code-of-conduct training so they know proper behavior and practices to mitigate regulatory risks, contribute to the welfare of the company and respect the rights of all constituents affected by its operations.


Hiperos 3PM Code-of-Conduct Compliance

Hiperos 3PMTM Code-of-Conduct Compliance enables companies to automatically assess, monitor and manage code of conduct risks so they identify which third parties pose code-of-conduct risks, ensure relevant third party employees receive proper code-of-conduct training and demonstrate compliance through auditable reports.


  • Ensure third party employees know your company‚Äôs policies
  • Accelerate third party code-of-conduct assessment and management
  • Reduce code-of-conduct assessment and management costs
  • Manage code-of-conduct training automatically
  • Respond quickly to investigations with an auditable record