Facilitate Country Risk Due Diligence, Assessment and Management

The economic, social, political, geographic and regulatory environment in which a third party operates introduces risks that can disrupt a company’s business. When conducting business with third parties in foreign countries, companies must identify and include all risks associated with operating in that country – such as slavery, corruption, war, terrorism, natural disasters and regulations – when assessing third party risks.


Hiperos 3PM Country Risk

Hiperos 3PMTM Country Risk enables companies to automatically identify, assess, monitor and manage country risks so they can address the exposures introduced by the relationship, ensure third parties implement procedures to reduce country risks and demonstrate compliance through auditable reports.


  • Accelerate and simplify management of third party country risks
  • Provide a consistent and efficient protocol
  • Automate and document due diligence, risk assessment and management processes
  • Connect with leading due diligence data providers
  • Enable ongoing monitoring, alerts and risk assessment
  • Provide a verifiable audit trail