Ensure Third Party Vendors and Suppliers Know Your Policies and Expectations

Regulators, customers and other stakeholders are increasingly holding companies accountable for the actions of their third parties. As a result, companies need to train third party vendors and suppliers on the policies and procedures they are expected to follow so they mitigate the operational and regulatory risks associated with the tasks they are contracted to perform.


Hiperos 3PM Training

Hiperos 3PMTM Training enables companies to deliver targeted, timely training to individual third party employees according to the tasks they perform, track course completion and performance and generate auditable reports. The administration of trainees and the training course can be done entirely by each third party company.

5 Benefits of Third Party Training

  • Third party employees will have a clear understanding of your objectives and their responsibilities
  • Implementing a strong third party training process allows you to deliver, score and audit training automatically on any topic
  • Hundreds of thousands of third party supplier and vendor employees can learn quickly and cost-effectively
  • Training program success and effectiveness can be monitored on a periodic basis
  • Your compliance and legal team can respond quickly to investigations with an auditable record