Regulatory requirements for managing third-party bribery and corruption risks.

Risks related to bribery and corruption rank among the most serious risks organizations must manage. Financial penalties are not the only consequence of violating anti-bribery and corruption regulations. Damage to the brand and reputation from negative publicity and the revenue lost can have even greater; more long-term impact.

Considering three quarters of the corruption cases analyzed by the Foreign Bribery Report of the OECD involved third parties and ABAC regulations hold organizations accountable for third party actions, organizations must manage the bribery and corruption risks of their employees and third parties.

Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption Regulations

Hiperos 3PM ABAC Accelerator ensures third party compliance with a wide range of regulations and standards including:

Make informed decisions about third party engagement.

When the number of third parties used by an organization can range in the thousands, managing third party bribery and corruption risks can be daunting. Hiperos 3PM ABAC Accelerator helps customers quickly identify and assess third party bribery and corruption risks so those risks are managed more responsibly and customers are free to focus on their business.

From onboarding, risk assessment, segmentation and due diligence to monitoring and reporting, the ABAC Accelerator automates and documents the process so the time, costs and resources necessary for ABAC compliance are significantly reduced. Learn more