6 Trends in Third-Party Information Security

Third-party infosec risk is growing, the 2018 Ponemon Study found, but companies can address the threat by strengthening cyber risk management.

  • December 21, 2018
  • Infographic
Cyber Risk & Digital Transformation Addressing Rising Threats

Third parties are an integral part of any business, providing essential services and significant revenue. Yet they’re also a substantial source of cyber risk, and companies aren’t keeping up with third-party information security threats.

This infographic, based on findings from the Third Annual Ponemon Institute Data Risk in the Third-Party Ecosystem report, gets to the heart of the third-party information security problem — and provides advice for improving third party cyber risk management.

  • 6 trends in third-party information security risk
  • Advice for reducing third-party cyber risk
  • 4 core practices included in strong third-party cyber risk management programs
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