The Business Case for Third Party Management

Third Party Management

  • June 21, 2017
  • Whitepaper

The risk and costs of managing third parties are escalating dramatically. As this study shows, there are now highly effective ways to reduce third-party risk while controlling the cost of operating a global best-in-class third-party management program.

  • Growing Challenge of Third Party Management
  • Measuring the ROI of Third Party Management Solutions
  • Third Party Onboarding
  • Managing Risk & Compliance
  • Best Practice: Risk-based Scoring Management Methodology
  • Managing Third Party Risk with Hiperos 3PM
  • Risk-based Management Savings
  • Minimizing Third Party Regulatory Penalties & Reputational Risk
  • Accelerating Revenue from Resellers & Channel Partners
  • Empowering M&A
  • Cost-Effective System Implementation & Administration
  • Benefit Summary
  • The Journey to Third Party Management Excellence
  • Looking Forward
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