Presents Key Findings from the Cybersecurity Imperative Study

  • October 16, 2018
  • Executive Summary

“Cyber is simply one more business risk, albeit with significant consequences if it is not managed effectively”

This executive summary of the Cybersecurity Imperative study, written by WSJ Pro Cybersecurity editors, provides critical guidance on one of the top risks any business has to deal with: cyber-risk.

Just one cybersecurity incident can significantly disrupt operations, result in loss of revenues, create regulatory and legal challenges and negatively affect an organization’s reputation.

Most businesses understand that cyber-risk extends beyond the bounds of the Information Technology team — no one part of an enterprise can tackle it alone. In fact, today cyber-risk has become a board- and enterprise-level concern. Leadership teams must have a clear view of how their companies are addressing cyber-risk – and how data loss could harm the business.

Yet while internal information sharing is improving, external sharing is limited. What are other businesses doing? What can you learn from them?

This executive report analyzes key findings of the Cybersecurity Imperative, a first-of-its-kind global thought leadership study produced with thinktank ESI Thoughtlab in partnership with leading cybersecurity companies, including Opus. We surveyed cyber-risk management practices of more than 1,300 organizations globally, along with interviews of key experts and benchmarks across industries.

Download the summary to learn:

  • Why is support from executives who set the tone at the top so critical?
  • What are best-practice organizations doing, now and in the future?
  • What investments are being made?
  • And what can you learn from your global peers?

Start with the summary for top-line advice, then refer to the complete report for full findings.


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