Data Management, Resolved – A Single, Accurate View of Entity Data

Instantly Cross Reference Multiple Data Sources

  • July 11, 2018
  • Infographic
GDPR & Third Parties: 8 Steps to Compliance and Data Protection

Data vendors, news sources, rating agencies, exchanges — doing business in today’s world requires company data from multiple sources. How can you make sure the identifiers of the companies you do business with match up across these data sources?

Learn how you can free your business from the challenges of entity data management by instantly cross referencing company identifiers across hundreds of data sources, synchronizing company information, enriching it and ensuring the data is consistent and accurate.

We created this infographic to show you how to overcome the challenges of identifying and retrieving entity information from multiple data sources.

  • The challenges of entity data matching across multiple sources
  • How to identify and retrieve entity information quickly and easily
  • 5 benefits of the Opus Resolve API
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