Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption

  • March 1, 2017
  • White Paper

Companies use third parties to help them vie for market share, strive to remain competitive and seek opportunities in new and challenging geographies. However, cultural norms vary greatly and while bribes and other means of influencing judgement or conduct may be acceptable in some markets, the extraterritorial reach of anti-corruption laws like the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) means companies can be prosecuted for corrupt practices anywhere in the world.

  • Overview
  • ABAC Regulatory Loopholes are Limited
  • The Costs of ABAC Infractions
  • Implementing an Effective ABAC Compliance Program
  • Hiperos 3PM ABAC Accelerator
  • Hiperos 3PM ABAC Accelerator Workflow
  • Hiperos 3PM ABAC Accelerator Benefits
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