A single view of entity data across the organization.

Eliminate data silos. We map together and synchronize internal & external data sources so downstream business users from multiple departments have a single view of clean, accurate data to fulfill regulatory compliance and business imperatives.

Through our Concordance service, you provide us with a file of entities from one or more of your internal data silos. Opus will match those entities across the databases of all the premium data vendors to which you are licensed. Opus can identify missing and incorrect data as well as append all of the premium data included in your vendor subscriptions.

Aggregate Entity Risk Data from a Variety of Sources

Opus data aggregation from many sources including data vendors, regulators, exchanges, rating agencies, news sources and entity identifiers


  1. Cross-reference, map and de-duplicate data from multiple sources
  2. Centralize customer, counterparty or vendor data
  3. Enrich records with relevant information
  4. Accelerate customer, counterparty and third party onboarding
  5. Satisfy regulatory reporting requirements
  6. Drive credit models

How Reference Data Works

Opus maintains the most comprehensive source of legal entity reference data and cross-referenced identifiers available. It includes all the rated, regulated and listed entities globally as well as entities with common identifiers such as the LEI or GIIN. Over 670,000 unique entities have been de-duped and cross-referenced so that all the entity identifiers issued by regulators, rating agencies and others have been aligned and mapped to each entity.

Opus has also de-duplicated and cross-referenced the entities of the major data vendors. Combined, these data sets include almost 5 million unique legal entities updated on a daily basis. Opus is the single, most comprehensive source of customer, counterparty and third party data available.

With 20 years of expertise cross-referencing and mapping entities, Opus is the “Rosetta Stone” of entity data identifiers and can help you quickly realize a single, 100% accurate view of entity data across your organization.