Free your business from third party GDPR Risk – quickly and easily.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a major overhaul of data protection and privacy laws. Organizations that collect the personal data of EU citizens (data controllers) or process that data (data processors) are affected, wherever in the world they are based.

To demonstrate GDPR compliance, data controllers must maintain records of their data processing activities. This involves documenting what personal data they hold, where the data came from and with whom it is shared. In today’s networked world, where outsourcing is common, this is daunting.

Opus can help. Our Third Party GDPR Compliance solution enables customers to identify the third parties with whom their customers’ personal data is shared and scope the appropriate controls for each relationship based on the data shared and regulatory guidance.

Responses to GDPR questionnaires are mapped directly to specific controls for faster and easier assessment. Once an assessment is complete, the Hiperos platform will automatically document the effectiveness of controls, track agreed-upon remediations and perform continual compliance review.

Ensure Compliance at a lower cost

Chart of Productivity Increases Associated with Using Hiperos 3PM for Third-Party Risk Management


  1. Accelerate & simplify workflows
  2. Assess all third parties, while managing only those with GDPR risks
  3. Minimize inconsistencies and manual errors
  4. Replace spreadsheets with actionable data
  5. Report risks and remediations with confidence
  6. Provide documentary evidence to satisfy both internal and external regulatory review