Accelerate third party information security assessments.

Preventing the theft of sensitive information from third party systems and personnel is becoming a top priority at companies, particularly financial institutions whose regulators are holding them accountable for their third parties’ information security (InfoSec) practices. News of cybersecurity breaches travels quickly through social media and can severely damage a company’s reputation. Third parties handling sensitive information must demonstrate that they have safeguards in place to keep the information secure.

Hiperos 3PMTM Information Security enables customers to automatically identify the third party relationships with InfoSec risks, scope the appropriate controls for each relationship based upon the outsourced function and their control framework, map third party questions and artifacts to controls, automate the creation of audit work papers, document the effectiveness of controls, track agreed-upon remediations, maintain a continuously updated risk register on every in-scope relationship and store all information as reportable, actionable data across the enterprise.

Ensure Compliance at a Lower Cost

Chart of Productivity Increases Associated with Using Hiperos 3PM for Third-Party Risk Management


  1. Accelerate & simplify workflows
  2. Assess all third parties; manage only those with InfoSec risks
  3. Minimize inconsistencies & manual errors
  4. Replace spreadsheets with actionable data
  5. Report risks and remediations with confidence
  6. Monitor Cyber Security continuously