Free your business from the third-party risk management challenges affecting technology companies.

Technology companies face many challenges: Anticipating global product requirements, managing a complex global supply chain, delivering on short product life cycles — and all within an ever-changing regulatory environment. Third parties, including suppliers, vendors, contract manufacturers, resellers, service companies and distributors, are key to operating in this environment.

Companies are increasingly being held accountable for the actions of these third parties, both by regulators and in the court of public opinion via social media. Without a third-party risk management strategy, you may face significant consequences including data breaches, fines, reputation loss and drops in shareholder value.

Opus provides technology companies and their distributors extensive visibility into, and control over, third party risk and performance. We help you:

Streamline the management of third party risk and performance
Improve internal/external collaboration, working from one single source of truth
Comply with complex regulations, including anti-bribery and corruption laws and data privacy regulations
Maximize resources and accelerate time-to-market
Address Tech’s global third-party risk and compliance challenges with our award winning solution: Hiperos 3PM™

Address Tech’s global third-party risk and compliance challenges with our award winning solution: Hiperos 3PM™

Create a single, accurate view of your third parties across multiple data sources

  • Collect third-party data across your enterprise and answer the most important question first: who I am doing business with?
  • Accurately identify all of your third parties, then manage, assess and monitor them.

Understand your third- party relationships and automatically manage and monitor them in accordance with their risks

  • Take a risk-based approach to your third parties and intermediaries – applying appropriate due diligence and risk assessment.
  • We’ll help you tailor your approach to your organization’s risk tolerance and model. We can even complete assessments for you.

Improve efficiency, effectiveness and reduce silos

  • Reduce inefficiencies and duplicative efforts through automated technology.
  • Continuously assess, monitor and manage third parties from onboarding through risk determination, compliance requirements and performance, across departments, divisions, and organizations in multiple jurisdictions worldwide.


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