A better way to share, manage and monitor third party information.

With increasing regulatory scrutiny on third party risk, vendors struggle to keep up with the volume of information requests they receive. If companies truly want to facilitate third party compliance, they need to help mitigate their vendors’ compliance burden.

Standardize – Make Information Requests Easier

Hiperos Network Workflow, Standardized Vendor Questionnaires make Information Requests Easier for Companies


  1.  Fast
    • Accurate data readily available
    • Automate onboarding
    • Accelerate time to market
  2. Efficient
    • Process more third parties with fewer resources
    • Single, auditable record
    • Cost-effective
  3. Better meet regulatory requirements
    • Facilitate due diligence
    • Mitigate risks
    • Respond quickly to changes

Ease the Burden of Compliance for All Parties

Based on our experience helping customers manage over 600,000 third party relationships in 195 countries worldwide, we’ve created the Hiperos Network. By standardizing vendor information requested, centralizing it and automating workflows, the Hiperos Network dramatically decreases the vendors’ burden – standardized questionnaires allow vendors to store and reuse responses for multiple requests – and enables Hiperos customers to receive the information they need quickly and accurately.